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Zinc Wire

Based on long experience in producing ZINC WIRE of top quality ( High Grade) in all common diameters and packaging for the flame- & arc-spray process.
n manufacturing of Zinc Wires only Special High Grade Zinc +99,995% virgin ingots are accepted to guarantee the high purity, trouble free operation and high conductivity surface.

Mechanical Characteristics

Density 7,14g/cm3
Melting Point 419,6 0C
Boiling Point 907 0C
Electrical Conductivity 0,166 106 /cm W
Thermal Conductivity 1,16W/cmk







Key Benefits

  • Purity Zn > 99,995%, DIN 1706, EN 117921, quality certificate of the raw material SFS-ISO 9002 (EN 29112).
  • Low Cadmium content Cd 0,0002 - 0,0005 = only ca. 50% of the highest content allowed according to DIN 1706,
    EN 117921.
  • Remarkable adhesiveness of zinc.
  • Clean and smooth surface of the wire (good electric conductivity and high durability of nozzle).

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