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In manufacturing of Zinc rods only virgin Special High Grade Zinc ingots (Zn> 99,995%) are accepted to guarantee the specially high purity of the vacuum rods.
In vacuum applications the metallic impurities are very damaging to uniform products and high conductivity. The special manufacturing process ensures surface cleanliness with no lubricant residuals which are present in vacuum zinc produced by most other methods.

Mechanical Characteristics

Density 7,14g/cm3
Melting Point 419,6 0C
Boiling Point 907 0C
Electrical Conductivity 0,166 106 /cm W
Thermal Conductivity 1,16W/cmk

Key Benefits

  • Very clean surface, no surface coating or lubrication. The rod is directly cast to final diameter.
  • Purity, only Outokumpu SHG virgin zinc ingots (zn>99,995%) are used.

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